Statement Tees x Afrocentric Fashion

Making a fashion statement could be as easy as ABC now because it’s not about what you are wearing but how you wear it.

Statement tees are one trend that keeps going on and off. However, you can tell that they’re here to stay for a very long time as there are now businesses that deal solely in them.

Paired the Tees with this skirt I got from @sgtcclothing a while back; which I had worn to church previously.

Shot and Edited by Me.

The skirt was an easy choice for me because it has elements of the Tees color, so why not if not(smiles).

By the way, @sgtcclothing is a made in Nigeria brand that designs afrocentric pieces and this skirt is just one of their many designs. You should definitely check them out.

On a scale of 1-10, how well put together is this outfit? What would you add or remove to restyle this outfit?

Full outfit details

Tees @dtr_collection_

Skirt @sgtcclothing

Bag @ashabee_collections

Red Court Shoes @desire1709fashion

Belt @ashabee_collections

All images in this post was taken by @_imagivision_

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