Restyling Two Piece Sets Featuring Moketh Clothing.

I am all for versatile pieces and you would most likely find me restyling one piece or the other.

Like this one I got from @moketh_clothing, i had worn it several times and decided I’d make a post about it.

I already shared the full look in a post here

The Full Look

I paired it with a skirt I got from them as well for a cooperate look because work wear doesn’t have to be boring.

Statement tees are in now, so I took it over the top with this statement tees, pairing the pants with a statement tee shirt.

I added some Afro vibes with the Ankara Scarf(you can decide to do without the scarf though).

Which of the outfits resonates more with your style?

Kindly share this post if you like it & shop the outfit from the store.

Full outfit details

Two piece set @moketh_clothing

Skirt @moketh_clothing

Bags @ashabee_collections

Red Court Shoes @desire1709fashion

Champagne Mules @ashabee_collections

Belt @ashabee_collections

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