Meet The Ashabee

Pretty girl Living in Colors.

For formality sake, you can call me “Ashabee”; pronounced as “Ashabi”

I’m 24, graduate of The University of Ibadan, where I studied Human Kinetics and Health Education.

I started out as a Fashion Retailer back in my second year at the University and didn’t take it seriously till I was in my 4th year. I grew into Fashion Styling in 2017. Here I am now Blogging about Fashion. Let’s just say I am a Serial Fashion Entrepreneur.

Fashion to me is Art and Expression. Fashion to me is very personal and just like anything else, it is worth doing well.

On this blog, you will find everything Fashion, Lifestyle and some Travel. So if you’re constantly looking for budget friendly ways to live your best life…. Sign up for my newsletter and never miss a post!